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Features to Look For in a Moses Basket

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Features to Look For in a Moses Basket

For families which could not fit a crib in their master bedroom, a baby moses basket is an excellent sleeping solution. By choosing a nature-inspired organic moses basket, you can ensure safety for your child. While some babies are naturally great sleepers, others need more assistance and cuddles to sleep. It is generally advised to have your baby sleep in your bedroom in a moses basket for the initial months. This helps you monitor the baby and assist the sleep as and when required. It is also important to keep your baby safe from any toxic chemicals that might be used in bedding. The Green Cradle specializes in developing organic bedding which contains all-natural non-toxic substances. We consider the safety of our utmost priority, especially for kids. You can find a comfortable and safe moses basket for the initial 3-5 months of your baby with a made-to-measure option.


Moses baskets are built with different kind of materials. However we only use 100% natural palm leaves that have not been treated with chemicals. Our organic baskets are made of completely natural material. We do not permit the use of adhesives or fire retardants. Only the certified, industry-standard stuff is used to make our bassinets.


Just like the material of the bassinet, the material of the mattress is also important. You must go for a natural mattress that is toxin-free in all respect. Make sure that the mattress is supportive. It should be a perfect fit for the basket and breathable. You can opt for a custom made a mattress that will be ideal for your baby's basket.

Breathable sides

Breathable sides are important for a free flow of air in and out of the moses basket. You should look for an organic cotton cover. It will free you from the anxiety when your baby turns to the side. In any position, such sides provide your baby with fresh air and easy and comfortable breathing. It also prevents the mattress from feeling damp.

Natural bedding

A baby spends most of the time in the bassinet. You would not like your baby to be exposed to chemicals in the bedding. Everything from sheet to blanket should be made of natural material. Such bedding is a perfect fit for the organic moses basket for kid’s overall safety. 


During early months babies spend most of the time sleeping. You would want to keep your baby with you all the time. Moses baskets should be light in weight and easy to carry from room to room. This allows you to keep an eye on your baby while working. Make sure that the carrying handles are folded down outside and do not flip on to the baby.


Although a lightweight bassinet is a great choice for mobility, it is important to look for a study one. A flimsy design is not safe especially if there are pets or older kids at home. You can find many firms and stable designs in organic moses basket which provide ideal support to your baby.


Moses baskets are available with a solid wood rocking stand.  You can easily rock your baby to sleep.

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