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Health Benefits of Organic Mattresses

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Health Benefits of Organic Mattresses

According to several studies, you spend one-third of your life on a mattress. Considering that it makes sense to invest in an organic mattress topper for healthy sleep. Your sleep plays a major role in keeping you healthy. It contributes to both physical and mental health and boosts your efficiency. However, the real story can be quite different based on the choice of your mattress. An organic mattress is highly beneficial and offers many health advantages. It is important to note that your organic mattress is made of standardized and approved material. The Green cradle is established with an idea of proving healthy furnish to your home. We care for your well being and offer the best quality organic mattresses which are comfortable and safe.

Hypo-allergic material

There has been a remarkable increase in the number of people who suffer from some allergy. Most of the time the allergens are considered a potential reason for the issue is atmospheric. But a reason that is often overlooked is the material of your mattress. Ordinary mattresses use many chemicals that can stimulate allergic symptoms. Organic mattresses are made of high-quality organic cotton, organic wool and organic rubber latex cores . These are mostly certified by global organic textile and latex standards. This ensures you get a chemical free healthy mattress to sleep on.

Safe from issues related to volatile compounds

While looking for a mattress you should be careful not to choose products with volatile organic compounds. The presence of volatile compounds significantly impacts the air quality inside your home. They float in the air that you inhale and end up in your body. They may lead to health issues like skin allergy, dizziness, irritation in eyes, nose, and throat, headache, nausea, etc.

Safe from fire retardants

Polybrominated Diphenyl ethers are the compounds used as fire retardants in mattress. These compounds are associated with many illnesses like thyroid toxicity, liver toxicity, immunotoxicity, etc. The compounds are harmful, especially for young children and pregnant women. An organic mattress can save you from these hazardous effects of fire retardant chemicals. 

Prevent illness from the odor of glue and formaldehyde

Oftentimes people experience sore throat, itchy, scratchy, and burning eyes, nausea, skin irritation, etc. These symptoms can be attributed to the adhesives used in your mattress. These symptoms can be worsening in young children and elderly people. They may lead to chronic health conditions like asthma, bronchitis, etc. Organic mattresses are free from synthetics and hence they may prevent these medical conditions.

Regulate body temperature and wick away moisture

Organic mattresses are made of organic wool. If the wool is stuffed in the right proportion, it can keep the body temperature in control. It also checks the humidity and eliminates the moist feeling from your bed. When accompanied by the organic mattress topper, it absorbs the water molecules such as sweat. It keeps you dry, cool, and comfortable.

Keep dust mites, molds, and mildew at bay

It is common for the dust mites, molds, and mildew to thrive in your bed. The reason is that you shed millions of dead skin cells and enough sweat every night. A regular mattress cannot protect you from these creatures. However, the organic latex mattress is naturally resistant to them. Also, it provides you an environment that is not favorable for them to grow. With an organic mattress, you get a safe and comfortable sleep.

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