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Why choose organic crib mattress for babies?

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Why choose organic crib mattress for babies?

The health and safety of your baby are certainly not negotiable. This brings the need to select the best organic crib mattress for your baby's comfort and well being. For babies, the crib is the world. Your little one spends more than half of the day playing and sleeping in the crib. This makes a safe and healthy mattress a necessity for your child's nursery. The possible effect of the chemicals has been a rising concern to many health professionals and the public in general. While many manufacturers claim the removal of harmful chemicals used previously, they have just been replaced by others. The Green Cradle has been established with an aim to answer these health concerns for your family. Here you will find the mattress and baby care products that are purely natural and environment-friendly. Drawing motivation from family's health, Green Cradle is dedicated to giving you the most elegant, comfortable and natural products. We aspire to develop the best organic crib mattress by ensuring the following quality standards for our products. 

Certified and natural material

The primary issue with regular mattresses is the use of chemicals. Studies have shown that the chemical emission increases by baby heat and, is maximum in the sleeping baby's breathing zone. Eliminating unsafe materials like foam and latex, organic crib mattresses are made of completely natural and certified cotton. The purest form of organic cotton is used as the core material for making the organic crib mattresses. The cotton is grown without using any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modifies organisms. 

Practical Design

The organic crib mattresses come with a very practical design. They excel in all departments including comfort, safety, durability, and easy maintainability. The innerspring is also made of a material like steel. It provides solid support and does not cause any health or allergy problems. Plant-based fiber is used for the fabric that wicks away moisture, offers comfort, and emits no harmful chemicals. As the organic cotton is less inflammable, it adds to the practical design of the mattresses.


Lightweight technology

Most of the organic crib mattresses are made with lightweight technology. With innovation in designs, they are made to provide exceptional support with half the weight of an innerspring mattress. This light design makes changing sheets a breeze. Also, keep in mind the natural factor, food-grade material is used to create these lightweight crib mattresses.

Food grade waterproofing

With kids, the spilling of food and other stuff is inevitable. This makes waterproofing a priority to ensure the durability and longevity of the mattress. The best organic crib mattress comes with waterproofing with a material that is pure and non-toxic. The waterproofing material used is the same that is used for food packaging and requires no chemical additives. This makes the mattress stain-resistant and easy to clean. 

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