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Why choose organic crib mattress for babies?

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Why choose organic crib mattress for babies?

Green Cradle's organic crib latex mattress is one of the most popular organic crib mattress that we sell. This extra firm mattress comes with a 4" extra firm 100% GOLS certified organic latex core that is wrapped 100% GOTS certified organic wool quilted in between 2 layers of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

The organic latex, organic wool and organic cotton have no pesticides, defoliants or mineral oils. There are no synthetics off-gassing into your sleep environment or creating excess heat and congestion. This extra firm organic baby mattress is ideal for baby and toddlers as it provides superior body posture support for growing bodies. In addition, organic latex and organic wool are both anti-microbial which is resistant to dust-mites, mold, mildew and bacteria.  All our organic baby mattresses are made in USA.

Choose from a variety of organic crib mattress.

What To Look For and What To Avoid When Selecting A Mattress?

All our organic latex mattresses are manufactured with 3 simple organic ingredients. The outer mattress encasement is quilted with two certified organic cotton layers and in between a GOTS certified organic wool (natural fire retardant). The core of the mattress support is made up only of 100% GOLS certified organic rubber latex or stainless steel spring.  Made in the USA.

Certified Organic Cotton

Nearly all of the cotton grown today is GMO (Monsanto).

Certified organic cotton is honest goodness. All our organic latex mattresses only use highest grade, GOTS and Oeko-Tek certified organic cotton.

Conventional cotton is a poisoned crop. GMO seeds grown with carcinogenic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers etc., Synthetic fabrics used on mattresses, like polyester or rayon, are really a brew of chemicals themselves.

Conventional mattresses are also treated with formaldehyde, flame retardants, heavy metal dyes, chemical washes, and softeners. Chemicals are added through-out this process to make the mattress wrinkle and shrink resistant, stain resistant, and flame-proof. None of this makes for a restful sleep surface.

Certified organic cotton is grown with a different intention. Our organic mattresses feel different to the touch. They breathes. Smells different. It looks pure, because it is pure.


GOTS Certified Organic Wool

All our organic mattresses use the highest grade GOTS certified organic wool. This meets all government safety standards for open flammability testing. The wool is woven inside the mattress. Wool also has the natural ability to help keep the mattress cooler and more breathable, lowering body temperature and heart rate.

Why Not Other Fire Retardants or Barrier Socks?

Our mattresses do not cut corners by using chemical/synthetic fire retardants, fire barriers/socks or Kevlar bullet-proof string to pass the fire tests.

We also don’t believe in using PLA, a polyester. Hydrated silica fire barriers or “socks” are not clean or green and, may actually contain known carcinogens.
We’ve burned a lot of mattresses (no fun) and indeed untreated organic wool, plus some good old-fashioned sewing know-how, absolutely does meet all fire safety laws. Mother-nature can do it all.

Why Not Natural Wool?

There is a difference between organic and “natural” wool. Organic wool, unlike “natural” wool, meets GOTS organic standards for raising the sheep and for processing the wool.

The sheep are never dipped in toxic pesticides, a process used with conventional wool that introduces known carcinogens and skin/eye/respiratory irritants. No chemical mothproofing, anti-felting, carbonization or other toxic chemical treatments are allowed in certified organic wool. No chlorine (which is used in cleaning natural wool).

Organic wool retains a purity that few people have touched before. Although our organic wool is quilted inside the cover so you can’t touch it, you would be surprised to find how soft and non-scratchy it feels compared to conventionally-treated wool.

GOLS Certified Organic Rubber Latex

Organic latex mattresses use only the highest grade of certified Organic rubber latex. The Organic rubber latex is tapped like maple syrup from organically grown rubber trees, except what comes out is creamy white milk. Biodegradable, sustainable and renewable, organic rubber trees remove tons of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere each year. Organic latex certification means monitoring and testing how the organic rubber itself is grown and processed, the avoidance of toxic chemicals, and fair labor standards.


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