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Why You Should Buy Solid Wooden Cribs From Green Cradle

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Why You Should Buy Solid Wooden Cribs From Green Cradle

Green Cradle is an organic furniture shop that aims in ensuring that you get the best and natural access to beddings, body care products, mattresses, and even furniture. Using organic and environmentally friendly products makes it possible for you to have a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. Non-organic products are filled with chemicals which can be injuriously dangerous to health, especially to children and infants who are sensitive to dirt and various other germs which grow within.

The Offer

At the Green Cradle, we sell solid wooden cribs that are made purely from wood. Our products are mostly constructed from poplar and pine wood. These cribs are also sometimes made from the maple, oak, cherry, ash, mahogany, birch and even beech depending on your preference. Our wood veneers capture the design element like no other. While shopping for a baby crib, you might be running down with many questions of what kind of crib to buy and why. Most people often pay a lot more attention to the design of the cribs rather than the material with which it is made. However, using a wooden crib is always the best option, as it not only looks beautiful or adds a sense of opulence, but in fact it is also environmentally friendly for the baby.


Why Solid Wooden Cribs Are Better

First of all, unlike other materials such as metals, the wooden is a lot safer for the baby. There is no doubt that the metal crib is stronger, however, if your child accidentally hurts himself by bumping into the corners or the barriers, he/she can injure him/herself severely. It is always a risk to have anything as strong as metal around, especially when the child is left unattended by the mother. 

Secondly, solid wooden cribs look more stylish than any other cribs. There is a huge variety of designs of shed work, or maybe woodwork you can choose from. A solid wooden crib can give you anything from a light natural finish to a dark espresso or black and in between. You can even get the wooden crib painted based on the color theme you have decided for your child’s nursery. The wood furnishings can vary from coordinate, retro, modern, French to classic, traditional and much more. Solid wooden cribs make your options open, especially when you want to decorate your child’s room according to the aesthetics of your house’s interior.

Apart from this, solid wooden cribs are more durable than any other. They last for a longer period of time. Sometimes they can last longer till the time your child grows up. Solid wooden cribs are generally stronger, especially when they are made from pine or oak wood. 

Lastly, since at Green Cradle, the wooden crib is used from purely organic materials, the crib tends to be environmentally friendly. This is not only good for the environment but for your child to. Children are sensitive to smell and the environment around them. If you use our solid wooden crib, your child will be protected from dust and various chemicals which are around.

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