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Tips to Select a Safe Crib For Your Baby

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Safest Baby Cribs

Napping during day and sleeping during nights, babies clock long hours in the crib before graduating to the bed. It is apparent to look for the Safest Baby Cribs while purchasing the baby gear. You will want the crib to be just right in all aspect including style, size, color, and safety. If you are a green consumer and want natural products for your baby, Green Cradle is your destination. Distinguished for our all-natural no chemical products, we provide high quality certified crib and crib mattress for your baby. Taking inspiration from our own family we continuously evolve to make your home safer, especially for kids. You may opt for a new crib or a hand-me-down. Nevertheless, the baby's safety is non-negotiable, be it home, childcare setting, or relative's place. It is important to check for the crib's safety before placing your little one in it. Here is a checklist to help you to select the Safest Baby Cribs from the overwhelming options out there.

safest baby cribs


Things to look for, in the crib structure

  • The sidebars or slats must be no more than six centimeters apart from each other. Make sure that these are not cracked, splintered, loose, or missing. This is important to protect the baby's hand, leg, or head from trapping between the bars. Missing bars are extremely risky as the baby can fell off through the gap. Complete to avoid drop-side cribs
  • Refrain from going for a crib with decorative cut-outs on the headboard or footboard. Babies are super-active and like to jump. There is a risk that they could get caught in these cut-outs or get hurt in some way.
  • Ensure that there are no sharp or jagged edges and corners in the crib. Babies start crawling and exploring the world around within a few months. They often try to take support from the edges and corner to stand. Sharp edges can hurt them while doing so.
  • There must be no screw or bolt sticking out. Look for extremely durable and strong crib hardware with firm mattress support.
  • While selecting the Safest Baby Cribs focus on the crib paint more than color. Paints that contain lead can cause serious health problems for the child. Always abide by non-toxic paints with no volatile compound as these can cause allergic or respiratory issues in babies.

Things to look for, inside the crib

  • For the Safest Baby Cribs, choose the organic crib mattress. These mattresses are made of natural materials and do not gas-off toxic chemicals.
  • The size of the mattress is also important. Choose a mattress that snugly fits against the sides of the crib. Your baby may stick in any gap left between the mattress and crib sides. A perfectly fitting mattress will allow your baby to freely move around inside the crib.
  • Make sure that the mattress is firm and is kept lower as your baby starts standing. Keep a constant check on the height of the mattress to prevent your baby from tripping off.
  • Remove any mobile or toy with strings. Also, make sure not to hang ribbons longer than seven inches from the top.

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