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Why Choose Natural Latex Mattress?

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Why Choose Natural Latex Mattress?

Sleep is indispensable for both health and beauty. If you are a green consumer, the natural latex mattress will add to your sleep benefits. This anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite, non-allergic natural material is an ideal companion of your sweet dreams. These mattresses are made of natural latex drawn from the sap of the rubber tree. The material is also bio-degradable and environment-friendly. Latex is highly elastic. It gives an extremely soft feeling at first touch but firms up to provide full support to your body. The natural latex mattress is comfortable with body contours and helps troubled sleepers to have a good night's sleep. The green cradle is the leading brand in an organic mattress. You are assured of only the highest grade certified organic rubber latex with absolutely no foam. They guarantee a natural and completely non-toxic material by monitoring and testing how latex is grown and processed.

Organic Latex Mattress

Benefits of latex mattress

There are a number of benefits of the natural latex mattress which explains its popularity. 

  • Comfort and support

The most promising feature of the latex mattress is that it has a unique balance of comfort and support. It helps to hold up the body shape without compromising with comfort. It provides pressure relief, especially to the spine, hips, and shoulder. It creates fewer pressure points that ensure proper oxygen flow to your legs, arms, and head. This helps you have a better refreshing sleep.

  • No additional chemicals

Not only the material is natural, but the natural latex mattress also does not require additional chemicals. Latex is naturally dust mites, mold, and bacterial resistant which appeals to many consumers.

  • Air circulation

Latex naturally has an open-cell structure that helps in excellent air circulation through the mattress. This wonderfully increases the breathability, especially in a warm humid climate.

Natural Latex Mattress

  • Body pressure distribution

Latex has a superb pressure distribution property. For that reason, they are highly recommended by medical professionals to counter back and muscle pain.

  • Prevent heating

Oftentimes, your sleep is disrupted due to rising heat in the bed. The latex material has ample peepholes and breathing passages. These allow air circulation, regulate body temperature keeps you cooler. You can have deeper sleep throughout the year.

  • Highly durable

Latex is one of the most durable mattress materials that are available in the market. It eliminated body pressure and does not sag. Once invested in a latex mattress, you can rest assured for many years.

How to select the best latex mattress

All the variants of latex mattresses that are available in the market can be classified into two categories. These categories are a natural latex mattress and synthetic-natural blended latex mattress. As such, there is no right and wrong in choosing between natural latex and blended latex. Generally, a firmer mattress is needed for people with higher weight. Natural latex is mostly preferred over the blended latex mattress as they are more durable. If you strongly believe in products that have their raw material derived from nature, a natural latex mattress is for you. Ultimately, the superiority of any mattress is based only on how comfortable you feel.

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