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All about different styles of wooden cribs

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All about different styles of wooden cribs

While finding the right crib you will have to consider a lot more than you might have thought. When it comes down to material, wooden crib is the most promising and popular these days. However, there is an overwhelming variety of cribs available in the market. At Green Cradle, we dedicate ourselves to ensure the most endearing and healthy experience for your child. Here you will get the best wooden cribs in a wide array of styles and sizes. You can also order a customized crib for your baby. By knowing the details of different kinds of cribs, you can find the best wooden Crib home for your newborn.

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Mini cribs

Mini cribs are often overlooked just because they are small. You can consider buying a mini crib if you live in a smaller apartment. Also when you have twins, two mini cribs instead of a full-size can save you a lot of space. As they are smaller in size you can move them around the house easily. They can pass through the door frames without hassle. Just like their bigger sisters, mini cribs are comfortable and sturdy despite their smaller size. They come in various styles and can be a perfect fit for smaller rooms.

Full-size cribs

A crib is the baby’s initial world. It is where a baby grows and learns to crawl and stand. If you have a lot of space at home, you would wish to provide ample room for your baby too. This is when you should choose a full-size crib. Your child will have the liberty to move around and explore. Babies grow fast and oftentimes outsize the crib soon. A full-size crib can serve your baby from infancy up to two years of age. 

Convertible cribs

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It is generally seen that the parents want more from a crib. This is where the convertible cribs help. Unlike classic cribs, a convertible wooden crib is designed to grow along with your baby. You can easily convert the crib into a toddler bed, daybed, twin, full, or queen bed. Their versatility has made them the most popular choice for parents. Experts suggest getting a conversion kit along with the crib to avoid future hassles. There are three types of convertible cribs based on their possible conversions.

  • 2-in-1 convertible crib: The crib takes two forms. It can be converted into one big bed. From a crib, it converts to a toddler bed or daybed or full-size bed.
  • 3-in-1 convertible crib: The crib can be converted into two bigger beds. The conversion can take three stages, crib, toddle or daybed, and full-sized bed.
  • 4-in-1 convertible crib: Master of convertible cribs, these cribs are designed to last forever. It can take four stages from crib to toddler bed, day bed and finally to full-sized bed. It can be altered to perfectly suit every life stage of your child.

Portable cribs

The idea of a portable wooden crib is fascinating. If you are always on the go, portable cribs are ideal for you. They are available in mini or full-size versions with wheels and also with the folding facility. Some portable cribs can also be folded into a bag.

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