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Top Features of The Solid Wood Crib

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Top Features of The Solid Wood Crib

Most of the time of a child’s early years pass in the crib. This makes every parent’s wish to have one of the perfect solid wood cribs made in USA for their child. The preparations for a baby start way earlier than he or she is born. Parents start creating their baby’s world, even before the baby comes to the world. The most important aspect of a nursery is a crib. It is apparently the world for a baby for a good two to three years. Undoubtedly, it has to be perfect in terms of safety and comfort. Wooden cribs have always been preferred over plastic cribs for their durability and robustness. The Green Cradle is among the top manufacturers of organic bedding and solid wood furniture. They specialize in baby care products and provide one of the best-quality solid wood cribs made in USA. Here are some promising features of the solid wood cribs which make it a preferred choice for your little one.

High-quality Natural Material

Solid wood cribs are made with the best quality wood. The material is natural and completely safe for the child. The green cradle offers the entire product including the structure and mattress made of completely natural material. Unlike plastic cribs, wooden cribs do not chip and are free from harmful chemical emissions.

Crib Slats

The slats or bars on the sides of a crib play an important role in the safety of the child. The child plays and moves all over the crib. There are chances that the hand, leg or head of the child gets stuck into the bars placed too widely. These sidebars in solid wood cribs are placed not more than 2 3/8 inches apart.

Solid Wood Crib

Rounded Corners

Solid wood cribs are manufactured with beautifully and carefully rounded corners and edges. These cribs are created with lesser bolted and screwed joints. This makes them much safer as compared to other options for all kids over a few months of age. Kids after a few months begin to crawl. They even stand by taking support from the edges of the crib. You can do your work without being bothered about the sharp edges while your child enjoys in the crib. 

Adjustable Design

Solid Wood Cribs Made in USA comes with an adjustable design. Initially, the top of the crib's rail would be just a few inches from the mattress. However, you will need to increase this height over time as your child grows. The solid wood cribs are designed so that you can lower the mattress according to your requirements. This helps in making room for the child to stand with the risk of toppling over the rails.

Sturdy and Long-lasting

If not sleeping, kids are always full of energy and love to jump up and down. While plastic cribs can break, wrap, or can become wobbly over time, solid wood has no match in durability. The solid wood cribs made in USA is robust and can take the test of time. Wood provides a strong foundation to the crib and can last for a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

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