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Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

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Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture

If you are choosing the best furniture for your new home, nothing compares to the elegance of the solid wood. Solid wood changing table not only simplifies the changing for your baby but also enhance the appearance of your room. Industry revolution has brought many alternative materials like steel, plastic, and aluminum to the market. However, owing to its natural look and warmth makes solid wood the most preferred option for the majority. The Green Cradle specializes in manufacturing natural and environmentally friendly products. It offers the most creative and innovative furniture designs with solid wood, especially for babies. These aesthetically amusing products include a solid wood changing table, cribs, armoires, dressers, bookcases, etc. There are a number of benefits which are encouraging people to pot for solid wood furniture.

Solid Wood Armoire


The most promising feature of solid wood furniture is its longevity. In spite of regular and regressive use, solid wood furniture can last for many generations. Although the durability depends upon the type of wood, both hardwood and softwood are known to retain value for decades. The lighter color of the lightwood gets deeper as it is exposed to light. This enhances its look and extends its longevity. Even the scratches and markings give the wood a more rustic feel and add to the look of the furniture.


In addition to being extremely durable, solid wood furniture is also extremely easy to maintain. You need not put in any effort other than a regular dusting to keep the furniture clean. Even the spills and sticky messes can be cleaned easily using a wet microfiber cloth without any stain left. Unlike other natural materials like iron, you do not need to be constantly vigilant and worry about rust. If you treat your wood well, you can enjoy its benefits for many decades with the least maintenance efforts. 

Solid Wood Dresser


Solid wood, with intricate hand-carved designs and subtle features, is an ideal combination of classic elegance and modern craftsmanship. It perfectly blends with both traditional and contemporary ambiance of any room. Solid wood changing tables, beds, dressers, racks, or showpieces can be relevant to all the parts of your home. The solid wood is available in both dark and light colors that match with both simple and bright interior. It goes well with all settings ranging from a small city apartment to a splendid villa. Expertly crafted solid wood furniture brings nature back to the urban space.


Every wooden piece of furniture is unique. The furniture made in the same way and with the same kind of material also subtly differs. The slight variation in the thickness and the direction of beautiful grains make every piece unique. Every piece of wood is a unique nature painting that highlighted by the carving of a craftsman. 

Solid Wood Bookcase


With staining and finishing, wooden furniture can be customized to give you perfect color and design. You can have a solid wood changing table, dressers, and cabinets with extra floating drawers and dust panels. Stain shade can get you better look more affordably. You can also have your personalized design or symbol engraved artistically on your furniture.

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