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Tips to Care For Solid Wood Furniture

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Tips to Care For Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture has become the most sought after furniture types over the years. Furniture like a solid wood dresser, tables, cabinets, etc is known to provide a regal look to your house. Although these are durable, they also need everyday maintenance for a longer life span. Even if you do not see the need to fix anything, the time will play its role. Solid wood is a natural material and is more susceptible to other natural elements. This makes your classic furniture look old and worn over the years. If you are opting for high-quality solid wood would last longer. The Green cradle is a specialist in providing premium solid wood furniture. Their products range from solid wood dressers to solid wood coffee table, from solid wood cases to cabinets, etc. We provide a perfect blend of material quality and aesthetics. Here is some everyday maintenance to keep your furniture new-like.


You should dust your furniture with a slightly damp terry cloth every few days. This will capture the dust and keep your furniture clean for a longer time. Using damp cloth also ensures that the dust is not blown in the air. This prevents the dust from settling on the furniture surface and keeps it shiny.


There are times when you need a tougher cleaning for your furniture. You can use any cleaning product that is free from abrasives. You can also use a cloth damped with warm soapy water for thorough cleaning. Don't forget to wipe it dry fro avoid watermarks on the surface. Even if you do not see the need, doing it yearly helps in maintaining the finish. It is a must for solid wood dresser which is prone to stains from oil and other things.


Environment controlling

Changes in temperature and humidity lead to a visible change in your furniture. It may expand or contract slightly due to these environmental factors. You should try to maintain the humidity and temperature inside the room in control round the year. Avoid keeping furniture where direct sunlight may fall. It can cause chemical changes in wood or finishing. 

Quick repairs

Fixing most of the damages in solid wood is easier. Unlike other materials, solid wood can stand most mishaps and can be repaired easily and quickly. It is important to you repairing substances that fix the damage-causing no harm to the finish. You can use mild abrasive to smooth the damage. Mineral spirit can serve as turpentine. Linseed oil that solidifies into a shiny surface keeps the charm of the furniture intact.

Taking care of spills 

Spills are common on furniture like solid wood dresser or coffee tables. These spills can penetrate the finish can make a white ring or spot on the surface. You can blow a hairdryer on the spot or rub petroleum jelly or toothpaste and wide with a damp cloth. While doing this make sure that the moisture does not seep into the finish.

Prevention from infestation

No house welcomes the bug. However, some bugs can literally eat up your house. Most often it is easier to prevent these bugs as compared to resolve their infestation. You should follow the treatment measures to prevent the invasion of wood beetles and termites. This is inevitable for protecting your furniture from being destroyed.

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