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Tips to Pick The Right Chest of Drawers For Your Home

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Tips to Pick The Right Chest of Drawers For Your Home

The chest of drawers perfectly complements your wardrobe. A solid wood chest of drawers is elegant and adds a stunning focal point in your room. It provides a perfect place for storing several different things.  Especially, things from your wardrobe which do not need to go to the hangers. You can use the top for displaying pictures or keeping your keys, jewelry, coins, etc. The Green cradle provides a wide range of solid wood chest of drawers. We provide you the best quality wood with modern and artistic designs. We dedicate your services to build products that are inspired by nature. We also provide products that are customized to your personal needs. Below are some points to ponder before you get into buying a chest of drawers.

Chest of drawers


The first thing to consider for a chest of drawers is the size. If your room is small, you would prefer a slim and tall chest. This takes lesser space yet provides enough room to store your things. For children's rooms, consider a lower chest. It will allow children to reach to the upper drawers comfortably. It is also important to estimate the size of the drawers. If you are to place blankets or other bulky items, you would like the drawers to be bigger or deeper.


You should take a good look around your room before selecting a chest of drawers. It helps select a chest that matches well with the room decor or provide good contrast. There are many different styles available in a solid wood chest of drawers. Choose a style that is an ideal mix of modern and traditional styles and suits all room decor. These styles can serve as a center point of the room regardless of their match.


Apart from the regular set of drawers, some chests come with additional features. For instance, instead of legs, the chest may be fitted with castors. This helps in moving the chest while rearranging or cleaning the room. You can also get a glass top for your chest. This minimizes the chances of scratches and staining the top of the chest. 

Material and finish

If you are opting for a solid wood chest of drawers, you can choose the wood type. This may also vary the pricing to some extent. Unlike other materials, solid wood is more sturdy and long-lasting. The rounded smoothed edges and corners also make them safe in the children's room. With solid wood we use 100% natural oil finish to avoid all the chemicals in the stains. The different wood species brings various options for colors, textures, and patterns. Our chests are much more than a piece of furniture.


The look and function of the chest are also influenced by the base. Some chests come with their base sitting on the floor while others have raised base with legs. Chest with raised legs is more convenient while cleaning the room. It also prevents drag marks on the floor while you are rearranging your room.


The budget is a killer constraint.  Try not to compromise much with the quality as buying a chest is a long-term investment.

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