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Popular Styles and Benefits of Solid Wood Bookcases

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Popular Styles and Benefits of Solid Wood Bookcases

Bookcases are one of those pieces of furniture that can be placed in any room and serve varying purposes. Solid wood bookcases are versatile and range from simple units to designer pieces which add elegance to your room. The most obvious use is to keep your books, articles, files, and pictures organized. You get more storage space, manage clutter, a decorative element to spice up a dull room. The green cradle is a pioneer in producing eco-friendly wooden furniture. We provide you a wide range of styles and sizes in bookcases. Our products are an amazing combination of art and function. You can find a bookcase that serves our purpose and elevates the ambiance of your room. 

Bookcase styles

Before you start looking for a bookcase for your room, it is important to do some homework. You should find the best placement, measure the size, and evaluate the space you need on shelves. There are many different styles of Solid wood bookcases which you can choose from. Analyzing your requirement according to the aforementioned points will help you narrow down your search.

  • Self bookcases
  • These bookcases are perfect for hiding clutter and showing of a valued collection of your books. It is oftentimes customized to fit in your room design in a style that you admire. 

  • Divider bookcases
  • This is an independent unit that is used to divide a room to give you two separate spaces. The height of the bookcase should according to the height of the ceiling. Most of the time, the shelves are also divided into unusual patterns adding oomph to your room. 

  • Ladder bookshelf
  • This is a bookcase that is ladder-shaped and stands freely. It is most suitable for smaller spaces. The design is broader at the bottom and progressively narrows towards the top. It adds an artistic feel to space.

  • Open style
  • An open bookshelf is ideal for a room where there is a lot of space. It provides several shelves, mostly on all sides and allows large storage space. They can be used for books, showpieces, and pictures, etc.

  • Corner shelf
  • These bookshelves are a smart way to use a corner space. They convert the empty corners into an elegant storage space that can be used for different purposes. Its sleek design makes the room look clean. 

    Benefits of Solid Wood Bookcases

    Any bookcase will add value and improve the grace of your room. However, solid wood bookcases offer benefits which are very much convincing and add a royal look to your room. These bookcases have small footprints. They keep the place neat and bring aristocracy to your home.

  • Construction material
  • Solid wood is known for its sturdiness. The bookcases are strong and can sustain more weight without tripping. Solid wood makes the cases heavier but ensures longevity. 

  • Finish options
  • Most bookcases are available all set to be placed at home. We use 100% oil finish that is chemical free and zero VOC. However, you can choose unfinished solid wood bookcases. This way you can get a bookcase that matches the decor of your home. You get a high-quality product does not seem out of place.

  • Door options
  • Sometimes you may want to store some miscellaneous items in your case along with the books. You can opt for solid wood bookcases with doors. This allows you to keep the books in plain sight while other items hiding behind the doors.

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