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Nursery Furniture That a Baby Home Needs

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Nursery Furniture That a Baby Home Needs

A nursery is a second home to your baby where he/she would spend plenty of time. The solid wood nursery furniture is a promising choice to keep your baby's nursery attractive, comfortable, and well organized. The solid wood furniture is natural and safe and provides a homely atmosphere at the same time. Everything about babies is delicate and means life to you. For that reason, you would want to have nothing less than the best to set the stage right. The Green cradle is a one spot solution to everything that you need for your nursery. You will find the safest and premium quality stuff in a wide range of variety to choose from. Here we provide a checklist for the nursery furniture that you must-have for the baby's comfortable stay.



The first thing to look for a nursery is a crib where your child will sleep for 2 to 3 years. Cribs are available in various styles. You can choose a crib based on your space and budget constraints. Solid wood cribs are excellent solid wood nursery furniture that is sturdy, long-lasting, and aesthetic at the same time. They are available in varying sizes and modifiable designs.

Bassinets and moses baskets

For the initial six months, the baby may need your assistant for sleeping. This is where the bassinets and moses basket can be great products. They are smaller and lighter sleeping places for babies. You can keep them next to your bed or take to places while you are working. This also helps you to monitor your child and be there whenever he/she wakes up.


Another essential nursery component that needs your attention is a mattress. You should find a crib organic mattress that is firm, comfortable and sturdy. The mattress should be firm enough to support your baby in the crib or cradle. Always opt for a organic mattresses that does not contain any toxic material which is free from fire retardant chemicals and synthetics. Make sure that the crib mattress measures 52"x28". It should fit snugly in the crib or cradle. This prevents the baby from sticking between the mattress and sidewalls.

Changing tables

Changing diapers is a frequent and tricky task. The changing table provides a safe spot for the purpose. You should look for a changing table that has safety straps to hold a wriggling child in place. Wooden changing table like any other solid wood nursery furniture is stable, sturdy, and long-lasting. The ideal changing table should have at least 2 inches railing on all four sides for safety purposes.

Gliders and rockers

One of the most difficult tasks is to calm a cranky baby. Rocking chairs help in soothing babies and put them to sleep. Babies find the back and forth motion very calming. These are sleep-inducing and often used for bed-time story reading.

Storage solutions

Babies need a lot of stuff which keeps on increasing as they grow. It is often funny that the smallest family member has maximum stuff. At this time some extra storage space can prove to be a bonus. For initial months you may choose a chest of drawers or dresser to keep everything organized. As the child grows, you would add a armoire or wardrobe for an extended room for clothes and bedding.

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