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Best Baby Cribs for Your Little One!

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Best Baby Cribs for Your Little One!

Mothers are naturally careful, and the only times the baby is left unattended is while they sleep safely in their crib. Hence, every newborn deserves the best baby cribs and by the best, we mean the safest and most comfortable, and because a newborn spends up to twenty hours a day sleeping, and because baby cribs are used for an average of 30 months, it is best to find the best baby cribs that can ensure the factors of safety and comfort, and as an added bonus, it is also beneficial if your baby’s crib is environment friendly.

Why should the Best Baby Cribs be 100% natural?

Natural baby cribs indicate that the product is free from the use of any chemicals, i.e. made of 100% solid wood, and finished with formaldehyde-free oil, and more importantly free of paint, all those factors can significantly reduce the possibility of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Paints and chemicals may contain volatile organic compounds that may evaporate in the closed room while slowly absorbed leading to the exposure of dangerous gases, and when your little baby grows some inches and stands in his crib, at one point those little teeth will pop out and start gnawing at the crib rails. It is absolutely dangerous if the baby ingests the paint or chemicals scrapped of crib rails.

Why is the Best Baby Crib labeled as comfortable?

Comfort is significant in each and every person's life, and babies are no exception. A comforted baby is the child of a comforted mom, that is because if the child sleeps in a comfortable crib, the sleep quality of the baby is ensured to be at its peak, this implies that the cute little center of your attention is less likely to wake you up in the middle of the night, which we can agree that it is a win-win scenario. The best baby cribs provide a comfortable distance between railings and squeak-free.

Why should the Best Baby Crib be 4-in-1 convertible?

A convertible crib can be a cost-effective, so instead of buying a standard crib, a day bed, a toddler bed, and a single sized bed, you can buy a 4-in-1 convertible, which will save not only money, but three additional trips to baby showrooms, and avoid the replacement of child room furniture to match the new bed, and because it is expected to last, it is built to last.

Why should the best baby crib be environment-friendly?

For the same reasons anything we consume should be environment-friendly. Environment-friendly cribs are made from ecologically sound materials and with manufacturing processes designed to minimize harm to the environment. Your baby is from the generation of the future, so your future maker deserves to grow up into a better world, environment-friendly cribs are usually made from local sustainably-grown trees. The frame is 100% solid wood construction, and for color options include hard maple, red oak, cherry woods, solid brown maple, and walnut woods. Slat mattress support is made from unfinished brown maple wood.

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