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All you need to know about solid wood armoires

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All you need to know about solid wood armoires

Apart from your bed, another furniture that is decorative and facilitates your bedroom is a Solid Wood Armoire. These are excellent ways to keep your stuff organized, safe and hidden. You can keep your room clutter-free and spacious with these tall free-standing cabinets. People call it by different names like wardrobe and cupboard. You can choose the kind of partitions and spaces you want according to your choice. There are small shelves as well as long shelves with rods which allow you to hang your clothes. The Green Cradle specializes in providing you organic solid wood furniture. We are dedicated to making complete toxin-free and eco-friendly furniture while maintaining exceptional quality. We also excel in making customized furniture.  You can get a Solid Wood Armoires especially designed according to your needs and specifications .


Progress in armoire since the beginning

Just like other furniture, armoires were initially created to address a need. It came to be when people feel the need for something for storage. Although chests were there to store daily things, some were needed to store a variety of stuff. Apart from clothes, these were created to keep large things like rugs, tapestry, armor, and weapons, etc.

Armoires were introduced by French. The name of the furniture was drawn from the Latin word “Armorium”. The meaning of the word was a large chest that was used to keep armors in that time.

During the medieval time, armoires were known as presses and have shelves for storing rugs and clothes. With time the drawers and doors were added to it which gave it its present look. Over time, it became narrow and tall. It got feet and a variety of shelves.

Uses of Solid Wood Armoire

Just like its structure, the usage of Solid Wood Armoire has expanded over the years. In its initial days, it was used to keep personal belongings and treasures. These were the key storage even in homes as there were no closets and cupboards. 

During recent times armoires have found usage in keeping audio equipment, CDs, DVDs, televisions, etc. It has also become a striking piece of furniture in evolving home-offices. Started its journey as storage for armor and weaponry, armoires have grown as a multipurpose storage unit.

Presently armoires are available in different styles, sizes, and colors. With these added beauty traits are also used as decorative furniture to add character to your room. It has become a focal point for all sorts of rooms. People buy with the sole purpose of enhancing the appeal of their room.

Types of Solid Wood Armoire

There has been continuously evolving in the usage and styles of armoires ever since these are found. According to the kind of storage, the Solid Wood Armoire is created it can be of four main types.

  • Wardrobe Armoire

These are designed specifically to store clothes. You can keep your suits and dresses with the help of a clothing bar. You can also store bulky seasonal overcoats, etc.

  • Television Armoire

These armoires keep your TV hidden and enclosed. It allows you to open the door when you want to watch your favorite show.

  • Computer Armoire

It allows you to keep your computer in your bedroom, hidden from the view. It is designed especially to accommodate all the peripherals and cabling.

  • Jewelry Armoire

These are available in various models and have special shelves for rings, bracelets, neck-pieces, etc. You can choose a free-standing or wall-mounted design.

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