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Organic solid wood teething
Solid Wood Pizza Teether
Price: $12.00

What better way to celebrate our favorite food group, PIZZA, than with a 100% Natural Wooden Pizza Teether?
Moon Valley Honey Wound Aid
Moon Valley Honey Herbal Heal
Price: $12.99

This non-stinging medicinal salve combines the rejuvenating properties of Rose hip seed and organic Flax oils with Usnea and Propolis, toning and restoring weathered and damaged skin. Wound Aid is safe and effective minimize scarring while moisturizing and soothing your skin. Recommended for the entire family.
100% Organic Cotton Roll
100% Organic Cotton Roll
Price: $14.50

100% Organic Cotton Roll.  Multi-purpose cotton; cut or tear to any size. Can be used anytime a pure cotton product is required for maximum absorption of liquids. Clear storage bag allows for easy storage and keeps cotton clean.  1LB
100% Cotton Wipes
100% Cotton Disposable Wipes 8"x8" single-ply
Price: $15.95

A Greencradle Bestseller! Cotton Disposable Wipes. For babies, use them to clean delicate places, like ears after a bath, and diaper changes. For young children, use them to clean wounds. Great on runny noses, big and small. 200 wipes in 6"x6" single-ply and are folded into 3"x3" four-ply in the package for easy storage. A New Mom Must Have!
Terressentials Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash
Terressentials Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash (USDA Organic)
Price: $18.95

USDA Certified Organic Baby Wash and Shampoo. Made with extra mild 100% organic olive oil castile with organic jojoba oil, organic aloe vera juice, and organic calendula. 8oz (160ml). Sweet vanilla-orange scent. Amazingly gentle on the skin, even in children with eczema and sensitive places.
Organic Cotton Stuffed Animals
Organic Cotton Veggies Basket
Price: $46.00

One of our all-time best sellers! Fun to play with, while at the same time teaching kids to have a positive attitude towards veggies. Veggies made and stuffed with the finiest 100% organic Egyptian cotton. Washing instructions: Veggies are machine wash only. Tumble dry until toy is completely dry. Do not immerse in water and leave out to dry. Tip* Place a bath towel in the dryer with the toy to dry faster.