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Organic Cotton Pillow
OMI Organic Cotton Pillows
STARTS AT: $95.00

For those seeking a firmer, flatter pillow, the cotton pillows are filled with pure, sanitized 100% certified organic cotton. Medium fill is recommned for side & stomach sleepers. Full fill is recommended for back & side sleepers
Organic Wool Pillow
OMI Organic Wool Pillow
STARTS AT: $115.00

Offers a soft and spring fill, and tends to “sleep cooler” and compact less than cotton fill. Medium fill is recommned for side & stomach sleepers and Full fill is recommended for back & side sleepers
Coyuchi Organic Aspen Weave Blanket
Coyuchi Organic Aspen Weave Blanket
Start at $148.00

Soft cotton yarns, loomed in alternating diamond and basketweave stripes, make our double-layer blanket light, lofty and warm.

Our cotton is 100% organic, and sourced and woven in India.
OMI Shredded Rubber Crush Pillow
OMI Shredded Rubber Crush Pillow
STARTS AT: $170.00

Adjustable and supremely comfortable, our Crush pillow is made without wool for ultimate resiliency. Covered with signature OrganicPedic knit fabric and filled with 100%-natural shredded rubber latex, the Crush has a soft yet supportive feel, and can be adjusted to any height to meet the needs of individual sleepers.
OMI Buckwheat and Wool Pillow
OMI Buckwheat and Wool Pillow
STARTS AT: $189.00

In this dual-chambered pillow, the outside chamber, filled with organic Eco-Wool™, cushions both the feel and the sound associated with buckwheat pillows. The inner chamber is filled with organic buckwheat hulls. This pillow is made with a zipper, so sleepers can remove material and customize each pillow to their personal preference
OMI Shredded Rubber and Wool Pillow
OMI Shredded Rubber & Wool Pillow
STARTS AT: $200.00

This dual chamber pillow is a best seller! It is made with a center chamber of 100% natural shredded rubber latex surrounded by an outer chamber filled with organic wool. Removable material to customize it to personal firmness.
OMI organic flannel mattress pads
OMI Organic Cotton Flannel Mattress Pad
SALE: $225.00

Our soft, absorbent Flannel Mattress Pad protects the mattress surface from perspiration or staining and keeps it looking great for years. Two layers of 8.5-oz. certified organic cotton flannel are quilted together and tape finished by hand, with wide elastic corner straps (crib pads are fitted). These pads are seamless and machine washable, and are the perfect complement to an organic mattress. Sell one with each mattress!
OMI Molded Rubber Pillow
OMI Molded Rubber Pillow
STARTS AT: $229.00

The core is made from natural rubber and covered with certified organic cotton mesh fabric and a removable washable organic cotton case. Molded pillow is recommended for back & side sleepers.
Coyuchi Organic Cozy Blankets with Gift Box
Coyuchi Organic Cozy Blankets with Gift Box
Start at $234.00

Naturally luxurious, this organic blanket pairs the plush touch of chenille and the lightweight warmth of cotton. It has been washed to create a subtly puckered texture. Each color reverses to ivory, offering two ways to layer. It has been paired with a cedar-lined wood box, creating an especially thoughtful gift for the holidays, weddings, anniversaries or new homes.

Blanket is 100% organic cotton, and made in Germany. Box is made in the USA from certified-sustainable solid pine, solid cedar and birch ply woods.
OMI Eco-Wool Underbed Pad
OMI Wool Underbed Pad
SALE: $249.00

Place this pad under the mattress to protect the underside from airborne dust (the number-one contaminant in homes). It is also designed to keep the mattress from rubbing against wood bed slats on a platform bed (or, in the case of a crib, exposed metal springs), which can cause tearing and premature wear and tear. Made from dense needle-punched American wool, our Underbed Pad ensures years of comfortable and safe sleep – another of our exclusive products.